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Noam Knoller :: Cinema :: Interaction :: Emotion

What's on this site

  • Interactive - includes information about my major interactive design works: The InterFace Portrait touch/gesture based Storyteller system and its two related installations (direct link to latest video); the ToolWorx tangible multimedia project for De Waag; Birth-of-TV - a Flash interface I redesigned for an archive of old Europeans TV shows; - a video sharing community which I helped design, build and run; and an interactive VRML environment, from earlier days (which might not work on a Mac...)*
  • Moving Images - includes a few samples from my film making past
  • Music - My old-new band, The Historians (We're looking for musicians!)
  • Research - Publications include a couple of papers about the Interface Portrait system, my MA thesis, as well as outcomes of my PhD research within the Interface Studies group. LEAD is a European research project on E-learning that ended in November 2008 and which I was involved in as interaction designer and project manager. Automatic Generation of 3D Animation documents my earlier research collaboration with computer scientist Doron Friedman on the formalisation of cinematic expression and its application to 3D animation.

    *Technical note: Works on this site have been produced at various times, under different standards. Most were tested on Mac OS-X, firefox and Safari, but the VRML projects were created and tested on PC/Win95/98 and might not work on a Mac.

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