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Noam Knoller :: Cinema :: Interaction :: Emotion

Birth of TV :: Search through time for old TV clips, save, load and organise your results

(Noterik BV, 2005)

Interaction, graphic & software design, Flash, ActionScript programming

Noterik BV asked me to redesign an already existing rich internet application. What already was there was a fantastic semi-3d timeline search (through archives of several European TV broadcasting houses), which I left intact. I did change the interaction flow from a wizard approach (search on one page, get your results on another) to a single page with a search bar.

Then, I added the mindmap as an extra tab, which allows you to add clips you find to a graphical workspace. Within that space, you can drag the clips around and add a colour to each. The combination of search term, location and colour allows the user to group search results graphically in several ways. This mindmap can then be saved to a user account and loaded from any other computer, making it a useful tool for teachers and researchers who can prepare video materials from the archive at home and then stream them from the website.

Click on the image to try it out (you will need to register for a free account to save and load the mindmaps).

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