Moving Images :: Various Film and Video Works

(Israel 1997-2002)

Various creative roles

  • Stuff You Can Do - Part 1 :: 16mm colour film, 4 minutes, Tel Aviv university, 1997

    I produced and directed this short film based on my own short story. The fate of the characters in this film is determined not by their action, but by the rhythm of the film itself.
    I also designed the soundtrack myself on an Avid editing system. This was before the university had a sound editing suite, and I couldn`t afford to pay for it commercially, so I had to do it myself.

  • Stuff You Can Do - part 1 (1997)

  • Where Is He Now? :: Music video, 4 minutes, 1998

    A music video I edited (on an Avid system), for popular Israeli rocker Dana Berger (Directed by Chen Landau and Ofer Tsimhy)

  • Where Is He Now? (1998)

  • My Corridor :: Video, 3D Animation, Compositing, 2 minutes, Tel Aviv university 2001

    I used 3D studio Max 4 for the 3D animation and Final Cut Pro 3 for compositing.

  • My Corridor (2001)

  • Self Portrait :: Video Art, Image Synthesis, 2 minutes, Tel Aviv university 2002

    I used After Effects for some of the image synthesis in this one.

  • Self Portrait (2002)