Turbulence - story outline and Structure

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Turbulence takes place in 2003 and centres around three friends. American-Israeli idealist Sol, and Israeli childhood buddies Rona and Eddie.
Segments 1-4 (includes training hotspots 1-3, with no structural consequences): The movie opens with a funeral. We don't know whose it is. Then we're in New York, at a bar where Rona sings and both Sol and Eddie are in the audience. Sol and Eddie see each other, and when the concert ends, Rona joins them and we learn of their back story.
In 1982 they meet when Sol arrived in Israel to serve in the army. Sol and Rona fell in love but when a few days later a massacre of civilians during the Lebanon war prompts them to stage a spontaneous protest, they are busted and drugs are found in their car. The police pitted them against each other and they went their separate ways, each feeling betrayed by a friend. They now realise it was the police that caused them to break up their gang. Sol and Rona fall in love again and they go back to her hotel. But then Rona receives a phone call from her husband Moshe. Sol, too, is married. He returns home to his wife, Grace, who pretends to sleep. As he undresses to go to the shower, we can see a photo of himself with Rona from 1982 peeking out of his pocket.
Hotspot 4 (plot intervention).
Segments 5-7: Depending on the user's action, Grace either does or doesn't know about Sol's affair. If the user revealed the photo it's segment 5 and Grace knows. If the user didn't act, the photo is revealed, it's segment 6 and Grace knows. If the user hid the photo, it's segment 7 and Grace doesn't know. In either case, the affair continues until Rona goes back to Israel. If Grace knows (5/6), then she confronts Sol. If she doesn`t know (7), then Sol confronts Grace. Either way she kicks him out of the house. Rona calls him to tell that Moshe, her husband, also found out about the affair and that she can't go on. Sol goes to Eddie's office. They look at the photo and Eddie asks Sol whether he had ever thought about what would have happened had they not made it to the demonstration (hotspot 5).
Hotspot 5 (alternate plot)
Segment 8-11: The user can press the photo and branch to an alternate past. If the user presses the photo (segment 8), we`re back in 1982 before the demonstration, with the car refusing to start. Hotspot 6 (retrospective plot intervention). The user can prevent the car from starting (segment 11 - they don`t go to the demo, we see a stills sequence of Eddie marrying Rona and Sol marrying a hippie. We go back to the present, segment 9), or do nothing (segment 10 - the car does go to the demo, proceed to segment 9). If the user doesn't press the photo (segment 9) Eddie calls Rona's home, but husband Moshe answers. He gets suspicious and doesn't let him speak to Rona. Sol decides to meet Rona in Israel. After hesitation, Eddie gives Sol a diamond in order to make a wedding ring; they agree to meet again in Israel. Sol stands outside Rona's house, he sees her and types a text message were he asks her to look outside. He hesitates (Hotspot 7).
Hotspot 7 (plot intervention) - User can either send (segments 12-21) or cancel the text message (segments 22-25). If the user does nothing, the default would be to send during first viewing and to not send subsequently.
Segment 12: Rona rushes out to Sol, they embrace and are caught out by Moshe. Sol is forced to leave. He goes to Eddie's Tel Aviv flat, dreams that he is once again outside Rona's home, and needs to choose again ( hotspot 8 - plot intervention) whether to send the message (segment 14), cancel or do nothing (segment 13).
Hotspot 9 (plot intervention) - the user can either try to stop the suicide bomber from detonating himself by clicking on the finger before it presses the switch, or do nothing. In either case, the bomb does explode (segment 15).
Segment 14: Grace receives a text message, Sol is in the street, holding a flower. Grace is hesitant, daughter May smiles. The movie continues to segment 13.
Hotspot 10 (alternate plot) - the user can press the photo (segment 16) or not (segment 17)
Segment 16: 1982, the car before the demonstration (hotspot 11)
Segment 17: not pressing the photo, the movie continues to segment 18.
Hotspot 11 (retrospective plot intervention). User can stop the car from starting (segement 19) or not (segement 18).
Segment 18: They went to the demonstration. Back in the present, at Eddie's funeral Sol sees in his mind's eye his phone with the text to Rona (Hotspot 12).
Segment 19: The car won't start. A series of stills shows Rona, Sol and Eddie meeting Rona's mother, Rona and Eddie bride and groom, Rona and Eddie and their baby, Eddie and his wife as Orthodox Jews (hotspot 12).
Segment 20: The End Rona and Sol are not together.
Segment 21: Sol cancels the text and the movie continues to segment 22.
Segment 22: Sol has cancelled the text message. He calls his daughter to make things right. Sol meets Eddie back at Eddie's Tel Aviv flat and tells him he made a mistake coming to Israel, then tells him what happened in Rona's home. Rona calls time and again, Sol ignores her but Eddie answers the call, which is then interrupted by Moshe. Eddie decides to go and meet Rona, Sol changes his mind and gives him the ring and a note for Rona. She takes the ring and the note, and sends Sol her love. On his way back, Eddie comes across a suicide bomber, his finger hanging over the trigger (hotspot 13)
hotspot 13 (retrospective plot intervention) - the user can try to stop the suicide bomber or not. In either case, it`s segment 23 next. Segment 23 The bomb explodes. At Eddie`s funeral Rona and Sol are together and Eddie has a wife and two children. Rona wears a wedding ring. We see a poster from the NY bar (hotspot 14).
Hotspot 14 (alternate plot) - Whether the user presses or not, we go to segment 24
Segment 24: Sol is at the funeral. In his mind`s eye he sees the text message to Rona. (hotspot 15).
Hotspot 15 (retrospective plot intervention) - the user can either send the text message (segment 12) or do nothing (segment 25)
Segment 25: The End Rona and Sol are together.
rong>: The End Rona and Sol are together.