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Guitars, vocals, music and lyrics

A brief history of The Historians
The Historians were formed in 1993 in Tel Aviv, Israel by Aylam Orian. I met Aylam at film school and inbetween student film productions we played and recorded with a changing cast of musicians until we disbanded in 1996. These were fun times, and the music was pure joy. Aylam revived the group breifly with other musicians in 1998, to record some of his songs for the soundtrack of his graduation film (these are the ones on "The Studio Demos"), and then we'd lost touch for quite a while.

In 2006 Aylam phoned me up from New York (where he moved to launch an acting career) and offered to bring it all back to life. He'd kept the demos and remastered them, so we could then put some of them on myspace and

In June 2009 Aylam arrived in Amsterdam for a period, which allowed us to work on new material and do some recording which produced the Amsterdam Sessions. This was followed by an invitation to join the Beatles Complete on Ukulele project, for which we contribute a new, noisy version of Magical Mystery Tour.

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Track Time
1 Play My Dear full track 3:35
2 Play Sugar Cherry full track 4:43
3 Play Revenge Song full track 2:41
4 Play Tricky Mickey full track 1:56
5 Play Hey, Ice Cube full track 3:56
6 Play Soft as Sand full track 5:29
7 Play Dad and Mom full track 3:58
8 Play Hit and Run full track 2:23
9 Play Midday Nap full track 4:13

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