ToolWorx :: A tangible interface for collaborative multimedia composition
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ToolWorx :: A tangible interface for collaborative multimedia composition

(HKU, 2003)

Interaction & software design, Lingo programming
In collaboration with Thomas Boonstoppel, Thomas De Bruin and Judith Koetsier

ToolWorx is a system designed for De Waag society for old and new media, to complement their KeyWorx collaborative cross media authoring/performance platform.

The design brief we received was to allow pupils to interact with new media collaboratively. We designed a full system, based on a tangible interface to promote collaboration.

The system includes four elements:

  • ToolWorx Editron - a collaborative cross-media synthesis and composition environment with a Media Capsules tangible interface. When RFID embedded objects placed on the table are scanned, an associated media file is played.
  • ToolWorx Encapsulator - a media capturing environment.
  • A live media production environment.
  • An output display set-up.

    The educational merit of this system lies in its use of processes and methods employed by professionals in manipulating audio-visual material, albeit in a simplified way that maintains a rather moderate learning curve. The performance value of this system arises from the processes of content creation, composition and performance, all occurring simultaneously.

    Of the four elements, we created an (intangible) demo of the ToolWorx Editron interface, and the output display setup.

  • The ToolWorx Editron in the Theatrum Anatomicum in De Waag, Amsterdam

    Project Documentation

    Click here to see a Flash demo of the system.

    You can also have a look at the project design document (in Word format), or the appendices (various formats).

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